Progressive Glasses

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Progressive glasses are simply no-line bifocals. If you feel bifocals age you, you will fall in love with progressive lenses. Since progressive lenses need eyeglasses frames to meet specific size requirements, so not all of our frames are progressive eligible. The ones that are eligible come in both metal and plastic frames, and are available in both men’s eye glasses and women’s eye glasses styles. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to process exceptionally accurate progressive lenses to work with our progressive eligible frames. One key thing to note is that your eyes need time to get used to new progressive lenses no matter how accurate they are. Let your eyes adapt, and then you’ll be able to see clearer than ever.

Progressive glasses are known to be expensive, but we try to make them as easy on the pockets as possible while at the same time provide superior quality compared to our competitors. If you happen to leave this page, keep an eye out for the symbol below the glasses to be sure progressive lenses are offered with the frame. We hope you find our frames and progressive lenses to be of great value that you simple cannot find at high street locations.