2015 Sunnies Trends| Work, Play, Lay

This summer get inspired by 2015’s sunglasses trends and redefine your look no matter your setting. Classic sunglasses designs may be best for your 9-5, while you can play with modern materials and irreverent looks on the weekend. Find your best look from the designer brands you love, and emerging designers whose designs are anything but ordinary.


Your work attire can get a needed boost with the right pair of sunglasses that will also provide the UV Protection you need while running around on your lunch break, or biking to and from the office. Retro-inspired designs inspired by the 1950’s and 1960’s are updated with handmade tortoiseshell acetates, gradient lenses and shapes that flatter.



Sunglasses can provide a boost to your athletic style, and provide enhancements to your game. Look for Green-Gray lenses for precision sports, such as tennis, that will provides high contrast and visual sharpness. For sports requiring that you move from light to shadow, such as golf, add a brown sunglasses tint that absorbs a higher portion of blue light, especially when contrasted against grass or sky backgrounds.



For your days out of the office, get experimental and incorporate an element of surprise with translucent frames in fun and bold shapes in eye-catching colors. Polarized lenses will reduce glare and improve contrast whether you’re out at the beach, sitting on the patio, or hosting a BBQ.



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