3 Types of Glasses You Need Every Day

According to our head Optician, there are three pairs of glasses that you need to make sure your eyes are happy and healthy all day long, and in all conditions: your every day pair, your digital protection eye wear, and your UV-blocking sunglasses. After all, most of us have more than one pair of shoes to protect our feet, keep us comfortable, and match our style — and yet we rarely think to do the same for our eyes.

Prescription Glasses


Since your everyday pair of eyeglasses are so essential to your life, it’s important to make sure they are comfortable and crystal-clear. One step to optimizing your daily eye wear is to make sure you’ve chosen the right lens index for your prescription. If you have a fairly high prescription, its suitable index will lighten your overall frame weight, minimize distortion, and make for comfortable all-day wear. Even if you primarily wear contact lenses, it’s still important to have a pair of every-day glasses just in case you need to take them out during the course of the day.

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Digital Protection Glasses


Digital protection glasses help reduce your exposure to the Harmful Blue Light emitted by digital devices. 43% of adults work in a job that requires prolonged use of a computer or tablet. What most people don’t realize is that digital eyestrain is a medical issue with serious symptoms such as blurry vision, difficulty focusing, dry and irritated eyes, headaches, and even neck and back pain. A pair of glasses with BlueReflect lenses filter and reflect a portion of the Harmful Blue Light emitted by your digital devices, abating these symptoms from occurring. Even if you don’t need prescription correction, these glasses are still beneficial for anyone who works in an office setting or uses digital devices throughout the day.

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Polarized Sunglasses


A good pair of polarized sunglasses will not only protect your eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays, they will also improve visual clarity while driving, hitting the slopes, or relaxing on deck. Polarized lenses are coated with a special film that helps reduce the glare that occurs when light from the sun reflects off of water, snow, or a solid surface such as asphalt. By adding polarized lenses to your frames, you will filter out this harmful light and see what’s in front of you with greater accuracy and clarity.

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