5 Reasons to Get New Glasses

It’s a New Year, and with many of us having new insurance dollars kicking in, now is the perfect time to start thinking about reasons to stop overwearing our old glasses. Here are the top reasons that you should get new glasses this year.

5 Reasons to Ditch Your Old Glasses

1| You are wearing the wrong prescription

Your eye doctor is able to give you the examination schedule for your eye health, but a clear rule of thumb is if you’ve been wearing a prescription for over a year, you need a new test to ensure the health of your eyes.

2| Your glasses don’t fit

If you purchased a frame just for the style but find it falling down your nose, or pressing into your temple, it’s time for a change. Frames have sizes that can guide you to find your best fit. Learn more from our Find Your Perfect Fit page.

3| Your frames are missing pieces

Missing arms and nose pads that are missing or moldy affect not only your comfort but also your vision; when a frame isn’t sitting correctly you won’t be seeing through the optimal prescription point in your lens.

4| The lenses are damaged beyond repair

Even if you invested in coatings, over time they can become scratched or even begin to peel. Try to ensure that you purchase glasses with an extended warranty period, such as Clearly’s free 14 day return policy and take proper care of your lenses to avoid early breakage.

5| It’s time for a style update

Most of us have multiple shoes and bags, but only have one pair of glasses that they wear everyday for a number of years. New shapes, materials, and styles can invigorate your wardrobe and provide a showcase for your eyes. Our Face Shape Guide for Glasses can help determine the shapes that will work best for you.

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