5 reasons why black rim glasses are the next style for you

black rim glasses

It seems like everywhere you go you see someone wearing black rim glasses. The style has been around for decades yet it still remains a popular choice among men and women more than any other style of frame. Black rim glasses are a classic when it comes to eyewear. They flatter on almost every face shape and are versatile for any style. It’s easy to see why black rim glasses are so popular!


Derek Cardigan 7014 in Black 

1. They are classic: Many influential people throughout history have been seen sporting black rim glasses. From Malcom X to Brad Pitt they are a style that has remained popular through the years regardless of styles changing.

2. They are lightweight: Black rim glasses are typically made with materials like plastic and acetate which make them lightweight and comfortable for the wearer. Without the added weight of heavier materials like metal, black rim glasses are an ideal choice for someone who wears glasses all day.

3. They go well with any complexion: All skin tones look good in black rim glasses, tan, olive, fair, freckles and all look flattering with black rims because they add definition to your face and enhance your facial features.

4. Geek chic is here to stay: One style that is continuing to grow in popularity is the geek chic trend. Nowadays it doesn’t matter your lifestyle, from athletes to students to stay at home moms, everyone has been pulling off the geek chic look with black rim glasses.

5. They bring focus to your face: Some other styles of glasses may be unflattering to your face and take away from your features, but the dark nature of black rim glasses emphasize your eyes and make them pop.

Celebrity Style: Black Rim Glasses

Black rim glasses are a classic choice when it comes to eyewear. They are flattering on many face shapes and bring out your best facial features. At Clearly New Zealand, we have a wide selection of black rim glasses for you to choose from that you will love!

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