The ABC’s of Pediatric Eye Exams

Comprehensive pediatric eye exams with a licensed Eye Care Professional are crucial to ensure a child’s eye health. Dr Justin Asgarpour notes, “We want kids to be seeing better so that they can absorb all of the information in the classroom. A complete pediatric eye exam will not only make sure that your child is seeing 20/20, but also that we can identify any potential or existing eye health issues”. Dr. Asgarpour, an independent Optometrist, walked us through a kid’s eye exam, and common questions he hears from his patients, so that you can be prepared for your own child’s eye test.


What Can I Expect from a Pediatric Eye Exam?

We’ll start with form (don’t forget your child’s medical card!) and an interview to identify any questions, concerns or existing conditions about your child’s eye and overall health.


Next we’ll go through a comprehensive exam to test your child’s:

  1. Eye Curvature Measurement
  2. Colour Vision (checks for colour deficiency, also known as colour blindness)
  3. Distance Vision
  4. Reading Vision
  5. Eye Alignment (checks for Lazy eye – Amblyopia)
  6. Light Reaction
  7. Front of Eyes
  8. Eye Pressure
  9. Back/Inside of the Eye (note: this tests utilizes eye drops and eyes may be blurry for up to 8 hours after administering this test)


What will be on my Child’s Glasses Prescription?

Once these test are complete an Eye Care Professional will test the new prescription (if needed), which may include practice glasses to make sure that your child is comfortable with their new prescription. I take the time after an exam to explain the components of the prescription that will include their corrective power, Pupillary Distance (PD) and the prescription expiry.

How to Read a Glasses Prescription »


What do I need to Know to Purchase Kids Glasses?

The glasses size, material, style, lenses and coatings are all crucial in finding the best pair of glasses for your child. Whether or not your child has a protective power on their prescription, you may want to consider the UV Protection provided by sunglasses and adaptive lenses, or Digital Protection lenses that offer a barrier from digital screens and artificial light.

Looking for guidance? Read our Top 5 Kids Glasses Essentials with tips from Optician Claudia Rojas and Glasses Designer Marie Stipancik.

Ready to find your child’s glasses style?

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