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Arietta Yin

Next up in our Style Ambassador programme is Auckland-based ‘Knot Just a Scarf’ blogger, Arietta Yin. Now, we know we’re finally entering the summer months, but let’s face it – us Kiwis haven’t been too blessed with good weather this spring. Hence Arietta’s outfit choices in her shoot!

That said, the stylish blogger manages to inject some summery vibes into her looks with a sweet as pair of our Derek Cardigan sunnies. Plus, Arietta’s website is all about ways to tie your scarf, after all. Read on to find out Arietta’s top tips when it comes to style and sunnies both this season and beyond…

Photographer by Kenrick Rhys

Arietta Yin

Name & Nickname: Arietta Yin. I’ve occasionally shortened it to Aria. Thanks to fashion weeks, I’ve also started responding to people who call out my blog name (Knot Just A Scarf or “K-JAS”).

Home base: Toss-up between Auckland, New Zealand, and Guangzhou, China.

Current occupation: Blogger, model and law student

Website/blog: Knot Just a Scarf

Instagram: @knotjustascarf

Best Instagram accounts to follow: @thedownlowe, @zosuen and blogger pal @nicrific

Arietta Yin

 What inspires me: In short, people. Whether it’s people I meet or things people create… everything to do with people inspires me. I think a truly creative person keeps their eyes open all the time for unexpected inspiration from unexpected sources.

 My eyewear collection consists of: Three pairs of glasses and eight pairs of sunglasses. In my defense, some are prescription and some are for contact lens days. I don’t have an obsession! I think…

I chose the pair of sunglasses I’m wearing because: They’re a classic pair of shades that go with anything while still having quirky details to spark conversation like the mathematical symbol detailing and bronze lenses. I love the springy hinges for comfort because I have a very wide face.

 A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Make sure they’re flattering and don’t be afraid to branch out and try out different shapes and colours. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Glasses are an important part of your outfit because: Your face is the first thing people look at and glasses are an easy way of making your face look gorgeous without the fuss of things like makeup or piercings, or however else you might choose to decorate your face.

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7015 Black (with bronze lenses)

Derek Cardigan sunglasses

Your face is the first thing people look at and glasses are an easy way of making your face look gorgeous without the fuss of things like makeup or piercings…

My favourite online source for style inspiration is:, other bloggers and Pinterest.

My favourite fashion trend of the moment is: Unusually shaped or coloured sunglasses. Also cropped garments and black ankle boots.

If I could go on holiday with anyone in the world, it would be: Anna Akana because she’s so funny and candid. Bonus points for her being gorgeous, which will make for great vacation selfies.

I would describe my personal style as: Flattering, a little matchy-matchy and eclectic. I use what I have to create interesting proportions and silhouettes in simple colour palettes that flatter my shape, even if it means doing something out of the ordinary. Feeling beautiful makes me happy.

Arietta Yin

 My current style muse is: Dasha Gold

 Favourite city to go shopping is: Guangzhou for sure. The fashion there is affordable and unique for those who can cajole with stall owners in fluent Cantonese.

Final word: Don’t feel like you need to spend a lot of money to dress interestingly. Accessories are amazing for affordable style that’s true to yourself. Above all, stay awesome!

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