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Christian Dior

Just because the temperatures are dipping slightly as we enter the autumn/winter months, it doesn’t mean our wardrobes need to be all doom and gloom. Inject some colour into your autumn attire to brighten up your look, no matter the weather.

On theLOOK this week we’ve suggested opting for our violet Christian Dior eyeglasses; the large round shape and soft violet hue add feminine details to the vibrant pair. 


We work core basics with this look with boyfriend jeans and a comfy plain white jersey top. This look is all about the outerwear and the accessories, so we work in colour with an oversized, cosy pastel yellow coat – throw it on and you’re ready to go!


You can’t go wrong with comfy and stylish Chanel flats and an easy weekend look also calls for a large carry-all tote bag. A classic watch is quickly becoming a must-have accessory for ladies, and a simple, minimal watch with a large face and black leather strap will remain in your collection for decades and add elegance to any look.

Our violet Christian Dior glasses are the finishing touch, with the warm purple shade contrasting against the pastel yellow coat.

Christian Dior


Get a sunlit glow with a peach shade sheer blush and apricot lip-gloss. Go matchy-matchy with your digits with a vibrant orange nail polish to finish off the look.

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