Cat Eye Makeup for Glasses

Although it’s easy to hide behind glasses, it’s also very easy to enhance beauty with them as well. Glasses are the first thing that people see so rather than hide, we’re here to teach you how to apply the perfect cat eye makeup to bring forward the beauty behind the lenses.

Cat eye style makeup is not only great for bringing out the beauty of your eyes but it does wonders for your face as well. The style of extending your natural lash line with eyeliner gives your face an automatic lift.

Learn how to apply cat eye makeup for glasses by watching the video above.

Make sure that you’re choosing the right pair of glasses once you’ve mastered the cat eye makeup look. Cat eye glasses have a style of an upward slope towards the edge of the frame which mirrors the cat eye makeup look and accents it perfectly.

Strong & Bold

Try black or tortoiseshell coloured cat eye eyeglasses if you prefer a bold, strong look.

Flirty & Lighthearted

Translucent cat eye glasses are perfect for those that prefer a flirty and lighthearted look.

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