How to Choose Kids Glasses Frames

When kids think of wearing glasses they don’t look at the idea the same way adults do. They might think they will look nerdy or like grandpa, but helping your kids find cool glasses might be easier than you think.

If it’s the first time you’re shopping for kids glasses frames use these tips to help you find the best pair:

Plastic Frames

Plastic and acetate frames are a great material for kids’ eyewear because they are both comfortable and light. Glasses with ticker arms will add durability and often have fun designs on the side for added character.

Style to Try: Konishi KZ905 C1 Black

Wire Rim Frames

If you’ve ever worn glasses that don’t fit, you know how frustrating it can be to constantly adjust them. Wire rim frames have tiny rubber nose pieces that will keep the glasses in place and prevent sliding.

Style to Try: Tommy Hilfiger 2002 Brown

Fun Colours & Designs

The first thing that will grab a kid’s attention to glasses is going to be how fun and colourful they are. While younger kids might go for a pair of frames that have one of their favourite TV characters on it, older kids will be willing to try bold patterns and designs. Let them experiment and find a pair that best suits them.

Style to Try: Hello Kitty HK215 3 Rose

Proper Bridge Fit

Since kids seem to grow faster than we can keep up, it’s important to buy a pair of kids glasses frames that have an adjustable nose piece with a proper bridge fit. Plastic frames are better for older kids but preschoolers are best off with metal frames that have a non-sliding feature.

Style to Try: Zooventure 8000 Blue Frost

At we have a large variety of kid’s glasses frames for any child’s taste. Check out our selection and help your child choose a pair of kids glasses frames they will love!

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