How To: Choosing the Right Glasses for Heart Face Shapes

Are you looking for examples of attractive glasses for heart shaped faces? If this is your face shape then finding the perfect fitting glasses is a cinch. The heart is considered by many to be one of the most attractive facial shapes. It is also a rather versatile shape, with the ability to look wonderful in several different styles of glasses. This means that you’re likely to have an easy time finding glasses for heart shaped faces.

A face that is heart shaped is wider at the forehead, tapering downward toward a narrow jawline and chin. Several popular celebrities have heart shaped faces, such as Scarlett Johansson, Sienna Miller, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

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Fitting Tips

Some ideal glasses for heart face shapes include:

  1. Bottom-heavy frames: You will give the appearance of having a more balanced face shape with frames that have a bit more weight on the bottom. That’s because they can give the appearance of a slightly wider chin, where it would typically be seen as quite narrow.
  2. Frame with low-set temples: If you are troubled by a particularly wide forehead, then perhaps a style with low-set temples will do. This style calls attention downward and away from the browline.
  3. Oval-shaped frames: An oval shape is a fabulous choice in glasses for heart shaped faces. This charming style is a definite attention-getter, and works well when you want attention drawn to your eyes. This look is particularly favourable for someone with an overly pointy chin.
  4. Light-coloured or rimless frames: If you’re interested in minimizing the overall appearance of your heart shaped face then perhaps a light-coloured or rimless selection will do.

Of course this is only a small example of the many different styles of glasses that will work wonderfully for heart shaped faces. It’s simply a matter of trying them on to determine the shape, colour and style that makes you feel great about how you look. The most convenient way to test out different glasses for heart shaped faces is by using the Try On View feature from Just upload your photo to the website and you’ll be able to test out hundreds of different styles and brands.

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