Ellen Jefferys | Style Ambassador

Ellen Jefferys

Next up in our series of Style Ambassadors is quirky personal assistant Ellen Jefferys from South Australia. The trendy fashionista proves she knows a few things about picking the perfect pair of frames in our must-read interview.

Ellen Jefferys

Name & Nickname: Ellen Jefferys/Ell/Ezza

Home base: Adelaide

Current occupation: Personal Assistant

Instagram: @ellenjefferys

Best Instagram accounts to follow: karissasparkerachelteetylermimielashiry & peppahart

What inspires me: Admittedly, my Instagram feed. Music, festivals & art. People with an open mind and an optimistic look on life, girls with confidence in themselves, in all aspects! It’s rare these days.

Ellen Jefferys

My glasses collection consists of: This is my first ever pair of actual glasses! I own about 15 pairs of sunglasses though.

I chose the pair of glasses I’m wearing because: They’re unique and fun, but still sophisticated. I haven’t seen them on anyone I know before.

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Pick glasses that YOU like! It’s your face after all, so if you think they look good – wear them and work them! (Face shape, eye colour and skin colour should always come into play though).

Glasses are an important part of your outfit because: They can really polish off a look, I often find myself looking twice at people with a really nice pair of glasses that are eye-catching and fresh. Glasses can have a lot of personality.

Frame Style: Derek Cardigan 7004 in Birch

Derek Cardigan glasses

Pick glasses that YOU like! It’s your face after all, so if you think they look good – wear them and work them!

My favourite online source for style inspiration is: Every amazing blog or website I find is always through Instagram, so I’m going to have to say Instagram. I really like howtwolive.com, two girls from Melbourne with amazing style.

My favourite fashion trend of the moment is: Anything white, grey, pastel pink or blue! Loving fresh and clean looks for entering the warmer months.

If I could go on holiday with anyone in the world, it would be: Would it be cheesy to say my boyfriend? Beyonce & Jay-Z would be pretty amazing too, I can’t imagine you’d go without any luxuries travelling with those two!

Ellen Jefferys

I would describe my personal style as: Constantly changing! I love bohemian & vintage looks, but I also often opt for minimalist and classic styles as I think you can never go wrong if they are done well.

My current style muse is: Lara Bingle! Everything about her look is effortless, simple, high-end and natural.

Favourite city to go shopping is: I am yet to find this one out! Some day.

Final Word: Be honest, humble and kind, always. And don’t take life too seriously.

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