Our Favourite Vintage Sunglasses for Women


Besides protecting our eyes from the sun’s UV rays, sunglasses have the ability to project our distinct style to the world. Many of us choose to wear sunglasses to make a fashion statement and give our appearance an overall lift.

In the 1940s, sunglasses started to be designed specifically for women. Many of the most popular retro styles are bold and have remained a fashion staple today.

Here are some of our favourite vintage sunglasses for women:

Oversized & Round Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Chloe CL 2193 C01 Black 57, (2) Dior Model 1 183JS Havana Ivory 61, (3) Chloe CL2227 C01 Black 62

Take a page from Jackie O’s signature stylebook and try a pair of glamorous, 1960s-style oversized sunglasses. Rounded frames will add a touch of luxury to any wardrobe.

Square Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Balenciaga BAL 143S WRR Havana, (2) John Galliano 0006 001 Black 59, (3) Chloe CL2238 C04 Black 58

A callback to the horn-rimmed glasses of the 1950s, these square sunglasses frames can bring a vintage feel to your everyday style. The tortoiseshell pattern is chic and retro, perfect for anyone who is searching for the most stylish in vintage sunglasses for women.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Love Sun L747 Brown Tort, (2) Diane Von Furstenberg DVF524S 001 Black 59, (3) DSquared DQ0018 01A Black

Since the 50s and 60s, cat eye sunglasses have been a unique frame style worn by fashonistas. Popularized by beautiful ladies like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, cat eye frames are the ultimate in retro eyewear.

Retro-Wingtip Sunglasses

Editor’s Style Picks: (1) Ray-Ban 2140 901 Black 54, (2) Tommy Hilfiger 1985S UOE IF Khaki Dark Havana, (3) Derek Cardigan Sun 7003 Black

The Retro-Wingtip has remained one of the most widely worn vintage sunglasses for women since 1952. This popular trapezoidal frame shape is perfect for both casual and dressy looks. Available in a range of colours and sizes, the Retro-Wingtip is a sunglasses staple for many of us.

Each of these sunglasses frames are a great retro addition to your look. The bold, statement-making frames of the past have withstood the test of time because of their ability to look classic yet modern. Which one of these vintage sunglasses will you be trying out this year?

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