Flo Rida: Math Glasses

With the domination of the music charts that Flo Rida has achieved so far in 2012, the impending release of his new single “I Cry” resulted in great anticipation.

Flo Rida released his first album, “Mail on Sunday”, back in March 2008 and has since released three additional full length albums and won such awards as People’s Choice Award for his debut single, “Low”, which features T-Pain.

Watch the official Flo Rida “I Cry” video at the top of this article.

With his rock solid fan base as 2012’s biggest selling singles artist, Flo Rida’s hip hop style is also worth mention. Flo Rida’s younger self is seen wearing unique math glasses in his new “I Cry” video that feature multiplication and division symbols on the temples.

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