FREEZE… It’s Winter

Winter’s a season that can give us Kiwis a bad case of the blues. As the temperature drops, so does out spirits. Enter our exciting new campaign: ‘FREEZE… It’s Winter‘.

Inspired by the notion of a freeze-frame shot, we’re bringing some much-needed colour and joy to the people of New Zealand this winter through our exciting eyewear collection. So, while the colder months might be typically dark and dreary, your frames will ensure you’re vibrant and stylish all year round.

Which freeze-frame character are you?


The Quirky City-slicker

Who says you need to fade to grey in the boardroom? The Quirky City-slicker is all about giving their corporate look a stylish twist. Whether it’s through a polka-dot jacket for the ladies or a velvet plum blazer for the guys, the most important way to get this look right is through a pair of stylish specs.

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The Casual Fashionista

This look is all about effortless style. So even if you spent an hour choosing your outfit and getting ready, you want it to look like you threw it together in five minutes! A bright hat, leopard print knit and faded denim are all essential to this look – finished off with a pair of oversized round frames.

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The Stylish Student

Whether sitting exams or taking a gap-year, a savvy student likes to remain in style. From bold colours and quirky prints to statement jewelry and geek-chic glasses, this look is all about standing out from the crowd while remaining on-trend. Who doesn’t need stylish specs for “studying”!?

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The Urban Cool Cat

You don’t get more hip than The Urban Cool Cat. With fresh style straight from the street, think funky casualwear, clashing prints and oversized rectangular frames to get a good grasp of what this look is all about. Still unsure? The burst of energy in this freeze-frame shot says it all!

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The Modern Dancer

‘Athletic’ and ‘feminine’ are words that sum up the final look from our FREEZE campaign. Perfect for those who love to dance as much as they love fashion, The Modern Dancer gives 80s style a present-day update. Cat-eye frames are perfect for this classic-meets-contemporary look.

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