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With winning two Golden Globes for it’s first season, Lena Dunham’s Girls is a show that cannot be missed. Described as the “real” Sex in the City,  Girls takes place in New York City and follows the lives of four girlfriends, Hannah Horvath, Marnie Michaels, Jessa Johannson and Shoshanna Shapiro.

With the second season recently kicking off, our editors couldn’t help but pay tribute to these four young fashionistas by accessorizing their individual style and personality with the perfect glasses style.

Classic: Marnie Michaels

Marnie Michaels was introduced in the first season of Girls as Hannah’s best friend and roommate. With her passion for the arts and fashion, Marnie’s classic style choices match her perfectly put together look.

The Derek Cardigan 7021 Wood glasses embody just the right amount of sophistication with their clean lines and rich tortoiseshell print. The unique colon and semi-colon detailing on the temples are the perfect finishing touch for this high achiever.

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Daring: Jessa Johansson

The most daring girlfriend out of the Girls group is undoubtedly Jessa Johansson. Known for her unpredictable nature and brash attitude, Jessa’s personality is similarly emulated in her bold boho-chic fashion choices.

The Rough Justice Material Gurl glasses are the perfect vibrant accessory that will standout against Jessa’s eclectic style.

Shop glasses: Rough Justice Material Gurl Pomegranate

Vintage: Hannah Horvath

Hannah Horvath, played by the creator and writer of Girls, has a style all to her own that includes unique vintage pieces in earthy tones and textured prints.

The Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell glasses perfectly accentuate and complement Hannah’s vintage-inspired style.

Shop glasses: Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell

Preppy: Shoshanna Shapiro

Known as the most conservative one of the group, Shoshanna Shapiro sticks to more preppy pieces with modest lines and feminine accents. When asked to describe Shoshanna’s style, costume designer Jennifer Rogien notes, “We talked about how do we maybe grow her up a little bit to reflect where she is in her life, so we tweaked her color palette…and added a heel here and there”.

The Vera Wang Luxe Romance glasses, with their cute cat eye design and rhinestone accents, are a must-have accessory for Shoshanna’s preppy style.

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