Glasses Trends: Winter 2013

The winter season is just around the corner which means skiing, watching films and going for coffees to stay warm. Whatever the occasion may be, make sure you’re in tune with the upcoming glasses trends for this winter.

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Vintage-inspired frames are a great way to add a classic piece to your outfit with a modern twist. With a new season comes new style so try vintage round frames to update your look. Don’t forget you can add tinted lenses to the frames for the perfect prescription sunnies to hit the slopes with.

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Neutral colours and tones are always a trend during winter. Try adding a pair of bold, thick-framed black glasses to your wardrobe. Not only are they elegant when worn with the right outfit but they go with almost anything. These Derek Cardigan frames with the semi-colon and colon detailing is the perfect frame to wear to a film to insure you don’t miss a thing.

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If you’re decking yourself out in neutral colours for winter, another alternative for frames are bright colours for an added pop of fun to your look. Throw on a pair of bright frames when meeting up with your friends for coffee to stand out from the crowd. Our Winter Collection offers great options for colour and style to keep away the winter blues.

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