Glasses Trendsetter: Alicia Keys

With the debut of her new single Brand New Me, Alicia Keys re-asserts her powerful vocals and influential glasses style. Rolling Stones describes Brand New Me as a “triumphant turn at reinvention” for Alicia Keys as she “leaves her post and embarks on a quest for self-discovery around the set, which reaches its apex in front of a handful of mirrors where Keys rips off the wig she’d been given and returns to the piano as herself”.

With a reputation for making bold fashion choices, Alicia Keys’ style transformations throughout her career is remarkable. From rocking urban-inspired cornrows in her earlier years to a more sleek and refined style seen today, Alicia Keys is constantly reinventing herself.

As featured at the beginning of the Brand New Me music video, Alicia Keys accessorizes with a bold pair of glasses by the Derek Cardigan eyewear brand. These Derek Cardigan 7017 Shadow glasses feature unique math symbol accents on the temples and come in a soft grey translucent colour. Derek Cardigan glasses have also been featured in Skyler Grey with Eminem’s C’Mon Let Me Ride music video and Flo Rida’s I Cry music video.

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