Hot trend: Big glasses frames

big glasses frames

If you haven’t already taken notice of the latest trend in eyewear, get ready to want to try something new with big glasses frames. Whether you are looking for new sunglasses or a change in style, big frames have taken the fashion industry by storm.

Afraid you’ll look nerdy? Fear not, geek-chic is what’s in and big glasses frames are the perfect way to be stylish without being too daring. Fashionable celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Bradley Cooper wear big glasses frames and show off how easy it is to pull off the trend setting style.

From comedians to actors and singers alike, big glasses frames have become a trend everyone wants to try.

How To Wear

Big Glasses Frames









Sizing Tips

Big Glasses Frames

Big frames look flattering on a lot of faces. Although they usually look best on someone who has a larger face shape, those with smaller facial features can still pull them off. Don’t be afraid to try on a bold pair of big glasses frames like the two-toned blue and brown Gant glasses above. You’ll be surprised at how easy this two-toned style goes with almost any outfit.

Get ready to get noticed when you’re wearing your new big glasses frames. The style stands out and flatters your face while not being too loud. How couldn’t you want to try on a pair?

If you’ve never owned a pair of glasses that make such a statement, less can be more. Try on styles that have a thinner frame so you can adjust to how they look on your face. After trying on a few pairs, move up to a larger style and see which looks best with your features.

Once you’ve decided on a style that you like, try different colours or patterns. Neutrals are a great place to start, but colour can really be a great choice. At Clearly New Zealand, we have a variety of shapes, styles and colours that will fit both your style and needs.

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