Jenelle Witty | Style Ambassador

Next up in our Style Ambassadors series is Australian blogger and Freelance Designer, Jenelle Witty. From silhouette trends to bold frames, we found out what makes the effortlessly stylish blogger tick.

Photography by Mario Recchia

Jenelle Witty

Name & Nickname: Jenelle / Nell

Home base: Perth

Current occupation: Blogger and Freelance Designer

Website/blog: Inspiring Wit 

Instagram: @inspiringwit

Best Instagram accounts to follow: @itsabandoned / @tuulavintage / @camillewalala

What inspires me: Impressionist and Dutch Vanitas Floral paintings, travelling, Parisian street style and gardens.

Jenelle Witty

 My glasses collection consists of: Two pairs of Retro-Wingtip-style glasses and one pair of sunnies.

 I chose the pair of glasses I’m wearing because: I love the bold frame, the size opens up my face while still creating a statement and the style is classic for any occasion.

 A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Work out your face shape, a colour to suit your skin / clothing and look for a frame which emphasises your charm.

Glasses are an important part of your outfit because: They frame your face and express your charisma.

Frame Style: LOVE L746 in Brown Tortoiseshell

LOVE glasses

Glasses are an important part of your outfit because they frame your face and express your charisma.

 My favourite online source for style inspiration is: My Bloglovin’ feed, mostly style bloggers and street style photographers.

 My favourite fashion trend of the moment is: I get into silhouette trends more than ‘fashion style’ trends, at the moment I am really into wide-leg trousers, v-neck loose blouses, neutral jumpsuits and flares. 

 If I could go on holiday with anyone in the world, it would be: My partner, of course!

 I would describe my personal style as: Classic with an edge. Think impeccable outfit and disheveled hair, the art of neglected detail.

Jenelle Witty

 My current style muse is: Christine Centenera and Caroline de Maigret

 Favourite city to go shopping is: Paris, the vintage in Montmartre is amazing.

 Final word: Everything you do should seem effortless and graceful. Remember, anything is possible.

Jenelle Witty

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