Joy Pecknold: Curated Collection


As the western editor of FASHION magazine, a passport blog editor for Kiwi Collection and a contributor to MONTECRISTO Magazine, Joy Pecknold describes herself as a speed walker, a funny dancer and karaoke lover.

With an obvious love for fashion, we were excited to work with Joy for the Joy Pecknold glasses collection which is compilation of her favourite glasses from

Joy has a passion for both eyeglasses and bold fashion so we weren’t surprised with her picks when it comes to frames. From a wide brimmed hat to a sparkly statement necklace, Joy shows us how she would style her favourite items with the right frames.

Lightness of Being

“If “Thick Black Glasses” was a place on a map, I’d live there. But lately, I’ve loved exploring my lighter side too with pale or transparent frames. We’ve seen it on the runways the last few seasons—fashion designers playing with both extremes—so it only makes sense to extend that into eyewear. You see them, and yet you don’t see them.”

Masculine Feminine

“Another runway hit was the masculine-feminine mix. I love this juxtaposition. While the shape of this frame is very strong and square, the thinness and flecks of lightness in the tortoise acetate lend a delicateness to it. Wearing them with a denim shirt buttoned all the way up and a bright red lip elaborates on that contrast.”

Pop Art

“Everyone needs a statement frame in their ocular arsenal, for those take-no-prisoners, pow-check-me-out days. Basic black has always been my default, but it gets artier and way more eye-catching when moving into colour and pattern. Bold retro styles in tortoises or reds are my current obsession. I look like I should run an art gallery, don’t I?”

Shop Joy Pecknold’s Collection from for statement frames that would be great to add to your collection.


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