Lacoste Glasses: Inside the Sound Studio


A 70 hour work week is not common for most people but for Eric and Brody, it’s their lives. Lucky for us, the trendy duo put some time aside to meet with our editorial team.

With so much time spent together, it’s no surprise that both Eric and Brody are not only best friends, but also agree that Lacoste eyeglasses are the way to go when it comes to eyewear.

Eric tends to go more towards sleek metal Lacoste frames while Brody is drawn to the bolder plastic designs.

Eric Paul: Sound Designer/Composer

Name: Eric J.Paul

Number of glasses you own: Five

What do you do: Sound Designer/Composer

Last thing you bought: Dredd – HD from iTunes

Glasses inspiration: Buddy Holly

Craziest dream vacation: What vacation?

Favourite places you’ve lived: Kentucky, Germany, Brooklyn, Connecticut, Winnipeg, Vancouver

If you had a theme song, what would it be: “Be Thankful For What You Got” – William de Vaughn

Brody Ratsoy: Sound Engineer/Aspiring TV Producer

Name: Brody Ratsoy

Number of glasses you own: Two

What do you do: Sound Engineer/Aspiring TV Producer

Last thing you bought: Wok Squid and a pint of Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale

Glasses inspiration: Hanson Brothers (from Slap Shot, not the band)

Craziest dream vacation: My trip to Vegas (did you ever see The Hangover?!)

Favourite places you’ve lived: In a van touring with my bands in my younger days

If you had a theme song, what would it be: “Reach for the Sky” – Social Distortion

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