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As the creator of The Cut and Paste, a fashion and beauty blog, Lauren Brain is able to bring her passion for writing and fashion together in one spot. Originally from NSW, Australia and now residing in Melbourne, Lauren is also a radio journalist and newsreader. A clear multi-tasker, she can also be found writing the fashion and lifestyle column at Fashion Journal, Furst Media’s nationally-distributed magazine.

As someone who has a clear idea of what’s new and hot in the fashion world, we could not wait to work with Lauren and get her input on what she sees trending for eyewear. Check out Lauren’s collaboration with us: The Cut and Paste curated collection which is a compilation of her favourite styles of eyeglasses from

When asked to describe her favourite glasses style, Lauren states…

“I always go for the same type of glasses – usually quite heavy frames in angular shapes and darker colours; black, brown, tortoiseshell. I’ve tried many pairs of clear frames in the past but they’re never worked for me as well as these Derek Cardigan frames. I get compliments every time I wear them!”

Lauren’s Glasses Style

Shop the Style: Derek Cardigan 7004 Ice

Shop the Style: Derek Cardigan 7012 Brown Tortoiseshell

Shop the Style: Derek Cardigan 7028 Black

The Inside Scoop

Name: Lauren Brain

Occupation: Full-time radio journalist & newsreader, part-time fashion blogger

By day you can find me: Up very very early for the breakfast shift on Nova100 (Melbourne), then working from home on my site,

And by night: In bed, probably!

My go-to accessory is: A wide-brimmed fedora or fistful of rings and bracelets.

My favourite season for fashion is: Summer! I grew up on the beach and love nothing more than easy, casual, summer fashion over tanned limbs on sunny days.

If I could turn back time and live in a different era, I’d choose the: Pastel hues of Miami in the 1950s – I’ve been watching a bit of ‘Magic City’ – the costumes, hair and makeup and scenery is incredible.

For creative inspiration, I: Read blogs, mags and trawl instagram/tumblr for beautiful images, or look to the streets. People are the greatest indication of trends coming and going.

Glasses style I love: Big and bold. The glasses I wear are usually quite angular – with heavy frames. I never try to hide my glasses, they always stand out!

Three things I must have in my work space: 1. Earl Grey tea 2. Fresh flowers 3. A stack of fashion magazines for inspiration (and procrastination!)

The book I couldn’t put down was: Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants’. I love clever, witty and funny writing and this was my recent holiday read.

I’m most proud of: Being chosen as one of the faces of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival in 2012. Six regular Melbournians known for their different takes on stye were chosen to front the campaign.

If I could, I would raid Nicole Richie’s closet and take EVERYTHING!! Designer and vintage, shoes, accessories… she’s got such individual style that I admire. There’s not an outfit of hers I’m not in love with.


Photo credit: Aubrey Devin

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