Meet Shaughnessy Keely


With a strong foundation in graphic and clothing design, Shaughnessy Keely’s love for fashion first began when her mom taught her at a young age to always focus on fashion before function.

Shaughnessy has since built a career around fashion design by launching her own label of casual wear, Hold Steady Clothing Co., that feature edgy prints and strong graphic elements.

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Ms. Keely to talk about anything and everything, from what inspires her clothing designs to why Derek Cardigan glasses fit her personal style so perfectly.

We Asked Shaughnessy…

Favourite style icon: Mary-Kate Olsen will always win for this question

Guilty pleasure: SHAKIRAOKE. It’s exactly what it sounds like!

Rotating on your playlist: Frank Ocean, Adele, The Civil Wars, 2 Chainz

Favourite cuisine: Mexican vegetarian and anything else that gives me heartburn

Current style inspiration: LA street-style, retail design, loose leaf tea, Instagram, face tats

Favourite glasses brand: Derek Cardigan

Favourite latte: Hazelnut Soy Green Tea

Going out attire: Black disco pants, long loose blouse & platforms to make me human-sized

What are some upcoming trends: We’ve already seen tons of floral and camo prints, maxi skirts and platforms. Next year I predict monochromatic everything with lots of texture. All black on black faux furs and pleathers and pants. And more tattoos! I’ve recently been noticing a lot of tattooed models on the runway.

Describe your personal style: It’s hard to describe my own personal style but I would say it’s somewhere between Cruella De Vil and Esmerelda. My mom always taught me fashion before function, so I’m usually not one to dress comfy. I also love the idea of being completely tattooed and modified, yet dressing super sophisticated. For example I would definitely choose to wear a little black dress over yoga pants any day.

How do glasses play a role in your style: I feel that Derek Cardigan’s are the perfect accessory to make you look even more sophisticated than you are and I have yet to see a pair that look bad on someone. I love being modified and tattooed, but I’m also a huge fan of dressing for success and these math symbol frames definitely do the trick. I also love that they come in so many different colours and shapes!

Get the look: Derek Cardigan 7004 Rootbeer

Get the look: Derek Cardigan 7004 Rootbeer

Get the look: Derek Cardigan 7004 Green Tortoiseshell

Get the look: Derek Cardigan 7004 Green Tortoiseshell

Get the look: Derek Cardigan 7004 Ice

Get the look: Derek Cardigan 7004 Rootbeer

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