Neal Sutherland | Style Ambassador

Our next Style Ambassador has written, recorded and performed with some of Australia’s leading musicians. We got to know the innovative and influential Sydney-based songwriter and music producer that is Neal Sutherland, discovering everything from his inspirations to favourite frames.

Neal Sutherland

Name & Nickname: Neal Sutherland, Nelly.

Home base: Marrickville, Sydney.

Current occupation: Songwriter, Music Producer.

Instagram: @nellyann

What inspires me: Music and sounds I’ve never heard before.

My glasses collection consists of four pairs of frames: It seems I only have four moods at the moment.

I chose the pair of glasses I’m wearing because: I like a strong looking frame with a delicate sensibility.

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Experiment! Your face will bring out something unique in the glasses, and vice versa.

Frame Style: Bottega Veneta BV205 807 in Black

Bottega Veneta glasses

I like a strong looking frame with a delicate sensibility.

My favourite online source for style inspiration is: Nowness.

Buying the same piece of clothing in multiple colours, yay or nay? Big YAY.

My favourite fashion trend of the moment is: Individualism.

If I could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, it would be: Bill Murray. You know why.

Neal Sutherland

I would describe my personal style as: Relaxed.

My current style muse is: Andre 3000.

Favourite city to go shopping is: Milan and Melbourne.

Final word: It’s your life.

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