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With ombre hair kicking off this colour blending trend, various other fashion realms have also begun to include the ombre look within their own designs. From the runway to the home, another area in fashion that has embraced the ombre trend is eyewear.

Om·bré : having colours or tones that fade into each other – used especially on fabrics in which the colour is graduated from light to dark.

A colour technique that is known for fading light colours to dark, style icons including Drew Barrymore and and Scarlett Johansson were some of the first to highlight this ombre trend with ombre hair styles. While Drew Barrymore kept things more natural with rich brunette roots fading into glowing caramel tones, Scarlett Johansson infused a serious pop of colour into her ombre look with bleach blonde locks transitioning into a striking fuchsia colour.

Though the ombre hair trend may have instigated this dip died colour trend, ombre has since made its way from the runways and into the home. From being showcased on the runway with collections by top fashion designers to the home with pieces featuring similar faded colour techniques, the introduction of ombre inspired eyeglasses was only a matter of time.

Ombre glasses styles vary in design with some featuring a more fluid colour fading similar to ombre hair and others using a more abrupt colour transition in their design. Whichever look you’re more drawn to, incorporating ombre glasses into your look will give your style an effortlessly cool vibe.

From ombre hair to ombre apparel, this colour happy trend is here to stay which lead our editors to select their favourite ombre glasses styles.

Editors’ Picks

Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice

Love L705 Peach FadeVintage VN0100 065 Olive Reddish Brown

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