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Summer is almost here so be sure you’re ready for the sunshine. If you already have your favourite pair of frames picked out, turn them into prescription sunglasses for the upcoming season. Whether you prefer cat-eye frames inspired by the vintage era or classic Retro-Wingtip-style shapes, now is the perfect time to choose your prescription sunnies.

Selecting our Durable Sunglasses Lenses is all you need to do to transform your frames into prescription sunnies. Or if you prefer lenses that transition from clear indoors to tinted outdoors, then selecting Transtions Lenses is the right option for you.

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Editors’ Picks

Check out the top frame picks chosen by our creative team that are great for both durable sunglasses lenses as well as Transitions.

A Little More On Transitions…

Transitions lenses are made to transform from clear when you’re indoors to tinted when you’re outdoors. Learn more with this helpful video.

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