Ray-Ban Glasses: A Timeless Classic


Fashion trends are not unlike the weather. Without warning, they can change at the drop of a hat. And for that reason, Ray-Ban glasses deserve some recognition – not just for surviving since 1937 but for being a major player in the industry for a good portion of this time. A lot of their success can be attributed to their quality, authentic designs, but we mustn’t forget the celebrities seen wearing this famous brand.

Becoming a Timeless Classic


Ray-Ban glasses first gained media attention when General Douglas MacArthur was pictured wearing the classic aviator design during World War II. However, it wasn’t until Tom Cruise wore the aviators in the hit film Top Gunn that popularity for the brand started to gain traction.

To accompany the success of the aviator style, Ray-Ban Retro-Wingtip was introduced to the market, gaining popularity almost instantly with the likes of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Paul McCartney seen wearing the timeless design. And the success story for Ray-Ban doesn’t appear to be slowing with many of today’s biggest Hollywood celebrities now wearing Ray-Ban Retro-Wingtip sunglasses, with Matthew McConaughey even sporting them on the red carpet!

Ray-Ban Glasses

Male or female, young or old, Ray-Ban glasses – such as the classic tortoiseshell for men and the cat eye styles featuring pops of colour for women – are an essential style choice to pull off that vintage-inspired look. And on top of that, whether you are a fan of the Retro-Wingtip style, aviator style, or both, Ray-Ban glasses give you that versatility you need to wear them with pretty much any outfit on any occasion.

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