Ray Ban Glasses: Celebrity Pick


With the Ray-Ban brand being around for over 75 years now, it has definitely made its mark as the brand that encompasses style, quality and durability. Being around for that many years, it’s no surprise that there are and have been legends that stand behind the brand. The Never Hide campaign that was launched last year to celebrate their 75 years focused on the brand’s impact on the fashion world throughout their time.

Bruno Mars

Ray-Ban Pick: Retro-Wingtip Glasses

Their ever popular Retro-Wingtip style sunglasses launched in 1952 and with it’s popularity, it only made sense to make them available as eyeglasses. Bruno Mars is among the many celebrities that choose to rock the vintage Ray Ban Retro-Wingtip style eyeglasses in tortoiseshell.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Ray-Ban Pick: Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses is another style that will ever be attached to the Ray-Ban brand. With a style that looks great on almost anyone, Ray-Ban aviators have been seen on a wide array of celebrities that sport different styles. Jake Gyllenhaal chooses to accessorize his preppy look with a pair of the iconic sunglasses.

Pharrell Williams

Ray-Ban Pick: Retro-Wingtip Glasses

Although Ray-Ban Retro-Wingtip glasses are a bold style choice, they are versatile enough to incorporate into any outfit or style. Pharrell Williams, known for his unique hip-hop/preppy style, uses his Retro-Wingtip Ray-Ban glasses to complete his casual street style look.

Justin Timberlake

Ray-Ban Pick: Retro-Wingtip Sunglasses

With Ray-Ban Retro-Wingtip style sunglasses being worn by John F. Kennedy, James Dean and Bob Dylan back in the day, it’s no surprise that the likes of Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and Jude Law can be seen wearing them while they’re out and about nowadays. The timeless nature of the Retro-Wingtip style Ray-Ban sunglasses is clear through the icons that choose to wear them.


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