What are silicone hydrogel contacts?

silicone hydrogel contacts

Long gone are the days of dry contact lenses and itchy eyes. Thanks to the advances made in contact lens technology and materials, your eyes can feel and stay hydrated even after a lengthy day.

Contact lenses made of silicone hydrogel can help alleviate dry eyes. So, if you currently experience dry eyes while wearing contacts, you may want to ask your Optometrist if you are suited to wear silicone hydrogel contacts.

The technology behind silicone hydrogel contacts

As its name indicates, this type of contact lens is comprised of silicone and hydrogel materials.

Silicone is a chemical compound that allows higher levels of oxygen to pass through the surface, as compared to other regular soft contact lenses that are primarily comprised of hydrogel.

Hydrophilic gels, or hydrogels, on the other hand, are compounds that contain mostly water content which help to hydrate your eyes.

Today, there are several different types of silicone hydrogels that are used to manufacture contact lenses. The wear and replacement cycles of these contacts are dependent on the specific silicone hydrogel they are made of.

The benefits of silicone hydrogel contacts

By combining silicone and hydrogels, this type of contact lens provides increased oxygen permeability and surface wettability, making them optimal for dry eyes.

As your cornea receives additional oxygen and the surface of the contact lens retains moisture, you’re left with improved breathability, hydration, and comfort.

This makes silicone hydrogel contact lens ideal for longer periods of wear, with certain brands allowing for up to 12 hours of wear.

A new line of contacts

silicone hydrogel contacts

At Clearly New Zealand, we now have a new, exclusive line of contact lenses available called everclear, which feature a silicone hydrogel construction.

As contact lenses made of this material are not suitable for everyone, it is important to consult your Optometrist to determine the right type of contact lenses and schedule for you.

Have a look at our guide on eye exam essentials, with tips from licensed Optometrists to learn more about the importance of obtaining a valid contact lens prescription.

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