Looking Smart with Vintage Reading Glasses


If you’re aiming for a pair of reading glasses that will help you achieve the sharp, smart look, vintage is the way to go. At ClearlyContacts, we think the right vintage frames can provide the perfect balance between practicality and style. Unlike the traditional stereotype of reading glasses as boring and cumbersome, today there are a ton of cool vintage reading glasses available that can help you achieve the look you’re going for.

The right pair of trendy glasses can help you look smart and stylish while also enabling you to read clearly. If you still think that reading glasses are uncool, you may change your mind after checking out the following vintage reading glasses that we offer.

This throwback choice adds a splash of colour to give a fun, quirky character to the frame. The flecked chocolate brown upper frame nicely compliments the purple lower frame. Not only are they unique, but they are also reminiscent of the traditional horn-rimmed glasses that were popular in the 1950s – but with a twist of modern style.

This bold pink frame (also available in fuchsia) is a fun choice that makes a statement. These glasses boast a classic Retro-Wingtip design complete with an acetate frame, giving off an air of quirky intelligence.

These trendy black blue vintage reading glasses offer a style for women that pays homage to 1960s fashion. Balenciaga throws in their modern and avant-garde take on this retro look, and the result is smart and chic.

The milky brown acetate frame on this choice from Vintage exudes a warm and retro vibe. Complete with silver studs at the temples and a keyhole cutout at the bridge of the nose, these vintage reading glasses are both smart and unique.

Since retro is a very fashionable choice these days, vintage reading glasses are really the ultimate style accessory. Not only are they versatile, but they can help you achieve the smart look you’re going for anytime of the day. If you need a new pair of prescription glasses that bridge the gap between stylish and practical, consider going with a pair of vintage reading glasses.


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