Tips from Licensed Eye Care Professionals | Common Contact Lens Misunderstandings

Contact Lenses

There are a number of misconceptions around the use of contact lenses, so we surveyed our licensed opticians and contact lens fitters to answer some of the top questions we have received. In addition, your Eye Care Professional will be able to provide specific advice regarding your eye health and will prescribe you a specific contact lens brand and type.


What is the biggest misconception about contact lenses?

A contact lens is a medical device that should be handled and treated as such. It is imperative that contact lenses are fitted by an Eye Care Professional following an eye exam to ensure corneal integrity. It is important that wearers adhere to the wearing schedule provided by their Eye Care Professional and comply with specified guidelines of wear.

What are the biggest mistakes that people make with their contact lenses?

Some of the biggest mistakes that people make with contact lenses are failing to comply with proper lens care to make sure that their contact lenses are clean, and following their wear schedule to ensure that they are not using their lenses for too long. If a person is prescribed to wear a two week lens or a one month lens, it is important that the wear is not “stretched” passed the two or four week period.

Protein deposits, lipids and bacterial biofilm will start to settle in the contact lens pores that are not easily removed past the recommended wear schedule due to the matureness of the lens.

Claudia Rojas | Licensed Refracting Optician & Contact Lens Fitter


Is it OK to sleep with your contact lenses?

It is not recommended to sleep in contact lenses, even though there are some extended wear lens types. Your corneas need oxygen, which will be blocked when wearing them through the night. Wearing contact lenses overnight can also lead to dryness, and can increase the risk of corneal eye infections and other complications – including blindness.

Kaitlyn Wright | Licensed Refracting Optician & Contact Lens Fitter


What are the biggest misconceptions around wearing contact lenses?

A lot of contact lens wearers don’t have enough education about care and hygiene regiments, which is why an appointment with an eye care professional and a proper contact lens fitting is key. All contact lens wearers should remember the following:

Do Not Overwear: A lot of people are still sleeping in their contact lenses even when it isn’t recommended, and even more don’t realize how important it is to change their Contact Lenses regularly.

Follow Proper Hygiene: Many don’t follow the guidelines for proper contact lens care. For one, washing hands before every insertion and removal of lenses is so important to avoid bacterial transfer.

Remember this is a Prescribed Product: Too many people think of contact lenses are cosmetic, and they need to know that contact lenses are medical devices that must be prescribed by an Eye Care Professional.

Maria Zaytseva – Licensed Optician & Contact Lens Fitter

Our Guidelines for Proper Contact Lens Care, and the advice that you receive from your Eye Care Professional, will ensure the health of your eyes as a contact lens wearer.

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