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Hello Zaniiiiita! She captures the world through the lens of her Canon 5D MkIII and divides her time between snapping outfits, test shooting models, and of course traveling. Sigh… We chat to the talented Stockholm based Aussie photographer, blogger and model to find out everything from who her spec wearing style muse is to where she gets her style inspo from.

Name: Zanita Whittington

Home base: Stockholm, Sweden


Instagram: @zanitazanita

What makes so unique? The site is really just my outlet for expression – I’m a fashion photographer but I also talk about personal growth and careers, and of course – a whole lot on personal style!

What’s your advice for picking out the most stylish eyewear for A/W? Go by instinct! But be informed about what styles suit your face shape – and when in doubt, go for a classic, like a wayfarer, they work for everyone!

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Love L42 Crystal Shadow

You’re based in Stockholm, one of the most stylish cities in the world, what do you love most about the place? I love that it’s actually a relatively small city – but still feels in touch with the global fashion industry. The Swedish are very no-nonsense so it’s very easy to get things done. Plus it’s so beautiful! Perfect for shooting.

Aside from eyewear, what are your style essentials for this season? 70’s everything, denim flared jeans and burnt tones.

What guidance would you give to fellow bloggers trying to make it big? Don’t set out to ‘make it big’ just share what makes you original and what you love. It has to happen naturally because forcing it is totally transparent.

Tell us about your glasses collection – what are your favourite styles, shapes and colours? They change with my mood! I love to wear a huge variety, including some really quirky and colourful styles with reflective lenses – but day to day I love the classic wayfarer.

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Derek Cardigan 7041 Black

What’s your favourite online source for style inspiration? I love searching through all the latest editorials on forums like The Fashion Spot – fashion imagery is why I got into this game!

How do you pair your frames to your outfit? I love wear statement and quirky shades to dress up a simple outfit – and then when wearing a classic pair of glasses I’ll wear lots of colour and print. It’s all about balance.

Why are glasses such an important part of your style? To be honest I find it uncomfortable to be outside on a bright day without sunglasses, so I definitely need them with me – I always feel like my outfit isn’t complete without a great pair of shades.

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Love Sun L742 Snow White

If you could spend the day shopping with anyone in the world, who would it be? Diane Von Furstenberg – so I could ask her all about her fabulous studio 54 days.

If you were stranded on a desert island and you were allowed only 5 things, what would they be? My sunnies, an Ipod, a Kindle (filled with books), a hammock and a sun-powered charger.

Who’s your favourite spec wearing muse? Jenna Lyons :)

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