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New year, new lens: 10% off (contacts orders $99+). Code: SUPER10 (see terms)

New year, new lens: 10% off

Orders $99+

Code: SUPER10

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10% off

contacts orders $99+

Code: SUPER10

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Monthly Contact Lenses

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Monthly Contact Lenses

Monthly contact lenses contain moisture retention technology to provide long-lasting comfort for up to 30 days. Clearly provides monthly disposables contacts from of the most trustworthy and reliable brand names like CooperVision, Alcon, and Bausch & Lomb.
When comparing monthly contact lenses to weeklies or dailies, it is evident that their comfort is far superior. Monthly lenses are designed with the most innovative technologies and materials, and are meant to be worn considerably longer than weekly and daily disposables contacts. With monthly contact lenses, switching your contacts only happens once every month, instead of every week or every day. Some monthly wear lenses are able to be worn for 30 days straight without removal. For example, Air Optix Night & Day Aqua contact lenses are FDA approved to be worn 30 days in a row without removal. Overall, monthly wear contact lenses not only improve your vision, but they also provide users with a natural feeling contact lens experience. Talk with your eye doctor today and see if monthly disposable contacts are right for you.

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