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Lens Coatings

Lens coatings are key to ensuring an optimal experience with your glasses lenses. From reducing the glare of digital devices to protecting your lenses from daily wear and tear, selecting a Coatings Bundle will both extend the life of your lenses and provide comfort throughout the day.

C Shield

Meet C Shield – the lens coating that changes everything. It’s water, smudge, and scratch resistant. It’s anti-static and anti-reflection. It’s designed to handle whatever your day has in store. Clever and capable, C shield takes care of your lenses so you can take care of your life.






Extended Durability

Scratch Resistant

Glasses naturally take on a lot of wear and tear, and scratched lenses can affect your vision, leading to damaging eye strain. A Scratch Resistant coating will extend the life of your lenses and help to ensure clearer vision.


Back-glare, which occurs when light bounces in the back of the lens and into the eyes, can be both distracting and damaging to the eye, especially as we now spend an increasing amount of time with digital devices, such as computers, tablets, and televisions. An Anti-Reflective coating reduces eyestrain by eliminating ambient glare from car headlights, computers, digital devices and televisions.

Top 10 reasons to upgrade your lenses

Lens type and coatings are completely customizable to your prescription and usage needs. Once you’ve found your perfect glasses frames, follow our step-by-step ordering process to find your optimal lenses.

1. My glasses are too thick and heavy...

Select Ultra Thin Air Single Vision or Progressive Lenses that are up to 45% thinner and lighter than standard lenses.

2. My eyes strain easily using the computer or watching TV...

Select an Anti-Reflective coating that will reduce eyestrain, or for extended use of digital devices consider BlueReflect™ Digital Protection lenses.

3. I spend extended periods each day using digital devices…

The first thing to do is take regular breaks from the screen by following the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds. You can also select our BlueReflect™ or SightRelax lenses that have anti-reflective coating and a specific filter which decreases the level of high-energy visible (HEV) artificial blue light, which may provide you with added comfort.

4. My lenses don't stay clear for very long...

A Scratch Resistant Coating will guard your corrective lenses against scratching, and will extend the life of your lenses by making them more durable.

5. My vision is always a little blurry while driving...

Add an Anti-Reflective coating that will reduce eye strain by eliminating ambient glare from car headlights and provide greater visual acuity.

6. I don't like having to wear contact lenses while wearing sunglasses...

Easily transform Single Vision or Progressive glasses frames into prescription sunglasses. All of our sunglasses lenses include 100% UVA/UVB protection, Anti-Reflective, and Scratch Resistant coatings.

7. It's a hassle having to carry around both eyeglasses and sunglasses...

Transitions ® Lenses quickly adapt between indoor and outdoor settings, while still protecting your eyes from damaging UV light. Please note that as car windshields have UV protection, Transitions® lenses will not adapt in a vehicle.

8. I have a strong prescription...

Upgrading to a thinner lens is not only more cosmetically appealing, but it'll provide better clarity as well. A thinner lens will ensure a reduced edge thickness and minimization of unnecessary curvature on the edges which can otherwise cause distortion in your peripheral view.

9. I experience glare from all forms of lights, including ceiling lights, computer screens, and oncoming headlights...

Select lenses with an anti-reflective coating. Anti-reflective lenses go beyond just looking more aesthetically appealing in flash photography; these lenses also provide better vision.Think of your eye like a camera: it gets better images with more light, and an anti-reflective coating increases the amount of light that enters the eye beause it's not bouncing off or inside the lens.

10. I need glasses for reading, computer use and driving...

Upgrade your lenses to Progressive Lenses to ensure you have clear vision while reading a book (near vision), using a computer (intermediate vision) and driving (distance vision). We also have sunglasses and Transitions ® lenses for Progressive prescriptions.

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