Derek Cardigan x Camilla d'Errico

Summer Collection 2016

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A few years ago, one of our employees had a great idea: to partner with local artists to create unique designs for our exclusive brands. That one bright spark has erupted into the final product you see here: an otherworldly collaboration between manga artist Camilla d'Errico and the supercharged vintage aesthetic of Derek Cardigan.

Paints in a box with Camilla d'Errico collection glasses

Despite her love for the medium, she assumed that Manga and comic book art had nothing to do with the world of canvases, oil paints, and gallery walls. A fateful trip to Vancouver’s Ayden Gallery — a space that prides itself on showcasing contemporary fine art from both established and upcoming artists — changed her mind.

Loveless Bird

Somewhere between the sea and the sky perches Camilla d’Errico’s Loveless Bird, a sweet and sorrowful image that ranks among the artist’s more personal work.

We couldn't narrow down the choices. There were too many. It was so much fun and so creative.

Speaking to the collaboration process, d'Errico talked about the challenge of whittling down her extensive portfolio into just four final images: Xiomara, Water Wheel, Neo New York, and Loveless Bird: two minimalist prints, and two vibrant and saturated prints. In short, something for everyone.

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