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Banana Republic is the mainstream, upscale extension of The Gap Inc. Established in 1978, and acquired by The Gap in 1983, Banana Republic defines "accessible luxury" in everything from suits to eyeglasses. Easily recognized by clean lines and neutral colours, the sleek and office-friendly styles offered by Banana Republic are sought out by young adults and working professionals.

Renowned for quality tailoring, elevated essentials and sophisticated seasonal collections, Banana Republic's belief in quality is clear in all of their endeavours, including their eyeglasses. The timeless designs capture a modern interpretation of classic fashion, and its relaxed attitude expresses a comfortable and confident quality. The adventurous spirit of the line is built from its heritage in travel and living a life full of passion that is open to discovery. If you are a confident, fashion-conscious consumer, you will undoubtedly love the style and selection available from this reputable brand. The Banana Republic eyeglasses collection focuses on delivering modern, covetable styles for professional men and women. Utilizing superior design, opulent embellishments, and luxurious materials imported from Italy, this collection has lasting appeal. Designing for both men and women, this collection is all encompassing with vintage inspired styles and trendy, modern colours and finishes, there is at least one pair of new eyeglasses to add to your collection today!