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Birka Eyeglasses - From Scandinavia with Love

If your concept of Scandinavian design comes exclusively from that big purple and yellow box store from Sweden, you're in for a surprise. Birka Eyeglasses do bear those hallmarks of Scandinavian style, namely an obsession with clean lines and impeccable craftsmanship, but they also incorporate funky textures, fun patterns, and an exciting range of bold colors. Each one is a study in contrasts: in our collection, you'll find fronts crafted from sleek silver metal and paired with gold arms that are carved with striking greek geometric elements.

In addition to immaculate styling, Birka makes each pair ruggedly durable, using materials like stainless steel, handmade acetate and forged titanium to give their eyeglasses the fortitude to handle anything that life can bring. Choose from a variety of finishes, including glossy or matte, then add your personalized prescription and pick from a range of coatings — like Kodak BlueReflect and Transitions — to create the perfect pair for you.