Cat-Eye Glasses

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Feminine Felinity

Hearken back the golden age of Hollywood glamour with a pair of these elegant cat eye glasses. Made famous by some of the most beautiful Hollywood starlets, including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn; these retro-inspired cat eye frames cast a bold silhouette on any face. Cat eye glasses are iconic and create a striking silhouette for your face. These fun specs are funky and functional, and many of today's hottest designer brands feature their own take on the classic flared horn rim shape.

Cat eye frames are featured in a range of hues and patterns, including purple, tortoiseshell, zebra print and even transparent frames. Whether you like an elegant, understated look or you want to let your wild side run free, these bold cat eye frames are ready to enhance your personality. Many of the cat eye glasses are crafted using acetate; a strong, lightweight plastic that is extremely durable and comfortable to wear all day. Additionally, many of these cat eye glasses are available with a variety of lens options, including progressive lenses and tinted polarized lenses. Add flare to your look with a pair of these vintage-inspired cat eye glasses