Clear Glasses


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Achieve a fashion forward look by adding a pair of transparent frame glasse to your wardrobe

Clear rimmed glasses are a great day to add a fashionable accent to your look and the wide variety of clear frame options on Clearly ensure that you will find a clear frame perfect for you. Clear acetate frames offer an easy way to mix-up the traditional acetate frame colour options. Additionally, clear rimmed frames offer versatility to your eyeglasses, making them easy to combine with variety of looks. The modern styling of clear rimmed glasses can provide a playful contrast to the retro look of most acetate frames. Check out the Joseph Marc frames which tweak the vintage style frame design with high quality clear Mazzucchelli acetate for a strong, lightweight, and stylish frame that suits a wide range of fashionable looks. If you like the contemporary look of a clear rimmed frame injected into the retro shaping of vintage acetate frames, be sure to check out the Main + Central frames; the bold retro shape of the frame is contrasted by the modern clear acetate design for a uniquely timeless look. Clear rimmed frames provide that eye-catching accent to your personal fashion while ensuring your face is the star of the show!