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Coach eyeglasses are another fashionable addition from the luxury accessory designer. Coach elegant frames perfectly complement any outfit, be it a business meeting or a casual night out on the town, these glamorous coach frames look good and feel great. Originally founded in 1941 as a leather goods manufacturer, the Coach brand has evolved to encompass a wide range of fashionable accessories, including these elegant Coach eyeglasses. Coach glasses collection is expertly crafted using premium zyl acetate; a high-quality, naturally-derived plastic that is both extremely durable and lightweight. Acetate is also hypoallergenic and colour-fast, so these lovely Coach frames will never fade or discolour, even after years of wear. And the flexible steel hinges mean these Coach eyeglasses are guaranteed to comfortably fit any face shape without causing strain or fatigue at the contact points.

The Coach Eyewear collection is founded on elegant design, quality craftsmanship and understated sophistication. These luxurious Coach eyeglasses are quintessentially classic American design. Coach is creating some of the most beautiful high-fashion accessories in the industry. Designing exquisite, off-the-shelf product is the raison d'être of Coach, and these spectacular frames will enhance any silhouette. Try a pair of these stunning Coach eyeglasses from Clearly.