David Yurman Eyeglasses

Artistic Expression in Eyewear

David Yurman was a prolific sculptor when he and his painter wife, Sybil founded their jewelry brand in 1980. Since its inception, the brand has expanded from jewelry to include fine watches and eyewear. Choose your ideal pair of David Yurman glasses from a highly refined collection of eyewear.

With a variety of feminine frames such as the modest SS Starlight Black Onyx, the graceful oval SS Tortoise, the naturally charming SS Starlight and the refreshing GN Matte Crystal, it's easy to find just the right David Yurman eyeglasses to positively accentuate your features.

David Yurman glasses line honors the company’s philosophy creating dependable fashion accessories with unique, unconventional and trend-setting designs. Harmonious and provocative, yet simplistically decorated, these frames make a fashion statement.

No matter which David Yurman glasses you choose, you'll be ready to go to the beach, head to the office or curl up with a great book in style.

David Yurman Glasses

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