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Givenchy Eyeglasses

Sophistication Meets Modernity

Hubert Taffin de Givenchy began presenting elegant fashion collections in 1952 and his design house has continued to deliver a level of excellence in everything it creates. The Givenchy line personifies sophistication as well as cutting-edge fashion. Continuing in the tradition of chic, functional apparel and accessories, their collection of stunning eyewear pieces never disappoint. Coastal is please to present a selection of glasses from this iconic design house.

Designed for those who live life with an irresistible passion, there is something to suit every lifestyle. No matter what your activity level, you'll find the perfect set of glasses to wear all day in comfort thanks to lightweight frames, nose pads, molded temples, and more to ensure that your comfort is paramount and your style is effortlessly trendy.

Choose the ideal style to accentuate your face shape from the many sets that give a whole new meaning to modern elegance.