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Fresh and Funky Shades

Hello Kitty Eyewear is a pretty, petite eyeglasses collection featuring the famous Japanese cartoon kitty. The fun frames are fashionable as well as functional. Made in a range of colours and styles, the Hello Kitty frames are perfect for your budding fashionista. These Hello Kitty frames are manufactured in a range of durable materials, such as acetate, a high-quality plastic that is natural-derived from plant fibres. Acetate frames are flexible and strong, so they'll hold up under any conditions and the light weight means these fun kid's frames are comfortable to wear all day.

Hello Kitty glasses also feature soft adjustable nose pads and flexible spring hinges for a better fit on any face shape. Hello Kitty frames feature a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, such as havana brown, blue, yellow and even pink. Hello Kitty frames are an exciting and adorable fashion accessory from the Japanese brand. Whatever your preference, there is the perfect style for your little princess.