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Relaxed California Vibe

Since launching her own brand in 1979, Karen Kane has become renowned for both her iconic designs, as well as her business prowess. After several decades of producing fine feminine apparel, she began designing a line of modern glasses that continue her relaxed, California vibe.

Coastal is excited to include Karen Kane frames among their extensive eyewear collection. These simple yet chic specs are functional, durable, and comfortable. Dependability and protection are at the forefront of every set and each pair is perfect for the office or on your next casual night out with friends.

Designed with style icons in mind, this fantastic line of frames offers something for every fashionista. Choose the ideal set that will quickly become your go-to pair. They offer charming and graceful silhouettes that look great on any face shape. Paying attention to even the smallest detail such as tone and temple embellishments, they create a harmony of elegant simplicity and rich decoration. Celebrate your personal style with fashionable eyewear pieces that are flirtatious yet relaxed.