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Refined Modern Luxurious Eyewear

At the reigns of style icon Miuccia Prada, the Milanese fashion house is known as one of the world’s most influential brands. Founded in 1913 as a luxury leather purveyor specializing in accessories, the label gained prestige amongst Italian royalty and other European aristocrats due to its impeccable craftsmanship and quality of material. Prada reached global recognition when its founder’s granddaughter, Miuccia, introduced the world to her visionary designs through an industry-rocking nylon backpack. The company has since grown with the addition of apparel and eyeglasses collections.

For decades, Prada has been revered for its luxurious simplicity, minimalist designs, and “anti-brand” platform. Miuccia Prada possesses a rare creative intuition that has kept Prada at the forefront of fashion since the late 1970s. Prada’s eyeglasses collections oscillate through the fashion world with powerful and lasting effects and are seen on the faces of celebrities around the world. Prada glasses are synonymous with sophistication, featuring Frames with sleek lines, discreet branding and unique fashion-forward style.