Raen Eyeglasses

Handmade Precision

Raen eyewear is truly one-of-a-kind. They create modern optics with a classic, traditional edge. Each set of frames is painstakingly created by hand, and built on the principle that quality takes time. With these design principles in mind, they continue to deliver a level of craftsmanship that only handmade precision can provide.

Designed with a love of the adventurous world around us, these specs are modern with a priority on comfort and workmanship. Each pair is crafted in Zyl acetate with origins from renewable sources including cotton fibers and wood pulp so they are durable as well as eco-friendly. Choose from a fine selection of frame styles available at Coastal for your ideal pair. Raen optical eyewear is always more than a fashion accessory - each piece is a work of art that makes a statement of confidence and sophistication wherever you go.

Coastal makes it easy to find the perfect solution for vision correction every adult will fall in love with.

Raen Glasses

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