D-Frame Glasses

D-Frame Glasses

Black Crystal


Rum Raisin






Brown Tortoiseshell





$90 $75

Dark Havana




Heritage Navy

$95 $75






$80 $75



Matte Agean

$140 $90

Wine Matte

$140 $115

Find a pair of classic yet trendy D-Frame glasses online at Clearly

D-Frame style glasses are an excellent frame option for anyone looking for a distinctive yet classic style that can be dressed up for formal events while still fitting at the the beach. Inspired by the bold styles of the 1980s, the D-Frame eyeglasses are a perfect example of a classic design that has never gone out of style. The larger brow style accented with wingtips of this retro-inspired style helps to flatter wider foreheads and more angular features. The larger sized acetate D-Frame options on Clearly are perfect complement for soft features, rounded jaws, and tall foreheads.

If you are looking for a lightweight, modern twist on the classic D-Frame style, check out our stainless steel and titanium frame options which offer the same retro D-Frame styling along with the durability of a metal frame. The eye-catching colours and patterns of our D-Frame glasses make them the perfect option for anyone looking to add a trendy pop of colour to their wardrobe while retaining the classic styling of the D-Frame shape. With the ability to filter your search by colour, style and material; you’ll be sure to find D-Frame glasses to suit your personal style, be it classic cool, contemporary chic or anything in between!