Trussardi Glasses

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Trussardi Glasses

Embodying Effortless Elegance

Trussardi is an Italian fashion brand that embodies effortless elegance. Founded in 1911, the brand has branched out from its original clothing line to include accessories and eyewear. Trussardi's signature greyhound logo symbolizes agility and energy, transcending each of the brand's products. Trussardi's collection of glasses for Coastal stays true to the label's history of casual luxury, delivering pieces that are chic, modern, and timeless.

Ranging from full plastic frames to sleek metal designs, Coastal's Trussardi collection includes something to suit every aesthetic. A variety of colors and patterns allow you customize your frames to suit your personal preferences. The sleek sophistication of Trussardi's creations allows them to fit seamlessly into your everyday life, offering relaxed style and comfortable all-day wear.