Aviator Sunglasses

Truly a design that will never go out of style, aviator sunglasses keep you looking and feeling cool from the sun’s rays. This tear-shaped frame has come a long way from its origins for pilots, as some of today’s trendsetters can be seen sporting aviator shades. A definite must-have for any sunglasses collection, aviator sunglasses add a classic yet contemporary appeal to your everyday look in the sun.

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While browsing our endless collection of sunglasses, you’ll find we offer a vast variety of aviator sunnies, from the standard slim metal models made popular by Ray-Ban to more modern acetate styles from some of our exclusive brands like Derek Cardigan You’ll also find contemporary renditions on this popular style which stray from the more traditional tear-drop shape; these models showcase more rectangular or rounded lenses instead. A versatile shape, aviator sunglasses will look great on just about any face shape and size. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to add a pair of aviator sunglasses to your collection, if you haven’t already.